Entry #2

An Artsy Update

2016-04-17 21:32:18 by Newpurple


Hey there! Thanks for checking my post out.

So, I'm back in sweden (although not for long) and I am soon going to graduate from university. I will probably have a few months of unemployment to fill with project work.

Here's some eye-candy for those who can't wait.


Isn't Koori-chan just adorable? She is the protagonist of my upcoming ice and fire puzzle game. I know her arms are a bit small, but they look so cute, dangling back and forth like that, lol. (I'll fix them later.)

I have also added some more artwork of her if you check out this link, and this one too.


I have bought a cheap tablet, and I'm doing more digital drawings than ever. You will see a flood of new art soon, and it will look different from what you've seen so far, now that I don't have to use the mouse anymore.

I guess as a celebration, here is my final scan. From now on, all my artwork will be drawn on tablet.


Kinda suitable that myself, Lolipurple and Yomtoxic end up on that drawing, don't you think? I drew it super fast! Probably a new speed record. But enough bragging, lol.

For those who are interested in more adult stuff, follow my twin brother (who also draws exactly like me, except less appropriate, but totally isn't me) parpol's artwork at Forkheads or pixiv


So yeah, I hope to finish the flash game by the end of the summer, and hopefully submit more art or even some short animations until then. (I did start a Game Grumps Animated, that I plan to finish.)

I've had more time for background and character tracing for Yomuchan's projects lately, so expect his work to speed up too.

See you next update!



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2016-04-18 03:12:09

Cool GIF! Pretty fluid, and I like how she's almost running-gliding!

Newpurple responds:

thanks lol


2016-04-28 03:17:56

Huh, so both you and Yomtoxic are graduating at the same time.. coincidence?!?!11
Anyway, I'm a new fan, damn glad to be here ;)

Newpurple responds:

Yomtoxic is my twin brother. We were both born in a nuclear research facility where alterations to our bodies were made using radiation induced mutation only. Yomu ended up ghoulish, with a 1.5 inch wiener, while I gave birth to a loli tentacle monster hybrid. We ended up with different educations, but we are connected mentally. He recently absorbed my migraines and now suffers twice a month, while I ended up going to japan to absorb the radiation from fukushima so we can create the third impact, and cover the earth with LCL.

Glad to have you.