An Artsy Update

2016-04-17 21:32:18 by Newpurple


Hey there! Thanks for checking my post out.

So, I'm back in sweden (although not for long) and I am soon going to graduate from university. I will probably have a few months of unemployment to fill with project work.

Here's some eye-candy for those who can't wait.


Isn't Koori-chan just adorable? She is the protagonist of my upcoming ice and fire puzzle game. I know her arms are a bit small, but they look so cute, dangling back and forth like that, lol. (I'll fix them later.)

I have also added some more artwork of her if you check out this link, and this one too.


I have bought a cheap tablet, and I'm doing more digital drawings than ever. You will see a flood of new art soon, and it will look different from what you've seen so far, now that I don't have to use the mouse anymore.

I guess as a celebration, here is my final scan. From now on, all my artwork will be drawn on tablet.


Kinda suitable that myself, Lolipurple and Yomtoxic end up on that drawing, don't you think? I drew it super fast! Probably a new speed record. But enough bragging, lol.

For those who are interested in more adult stuff, follow my twin brother (who also draws exactly like me, except less appropriate, but totally isn't me) parpol's artwork at Forkheads or pixiv


So yeah, I hope to finish the flash game by the end of the summer, and hopefully submit more art or even some short animations until then. (I did start a Game Grumps Animated, that I plan to finish.)

I've had more time for background and character tracing for Yomuchan's projects lately, so expect his work to speed up too.

See you next update!


Some stuff I have been working on whenever I had time

2015-02-15 08:06:25 by Newpurple

So, I've been busy with University, and right now I'm taking an exchange year in Tokyo because life is awesome, right?

But every now and then whenever I haven't been helping Yomu-chan with his sim date project and Sex Kitten games, I've been doing some secret stuff~~

Now, I'm a gross weaboo faggot and as the first rule of being such, all of my games must have a little anime girl protagonist, so prepare your anus.

The first screenshot is of a platformer I've been putting a few hours into every now and then since 2006, I kid you not. I've spent a ton of hours in total, and I've remade the engine and art 3 times. And yes, the sun and its rays do fade away when covered by the background objects, and yes, after moving to japan, having only brought my shitty laptop, I forgot my fonts, so the UI doesn't have text, and yes, it does have RPG elements such as leveling up your sword, cards, life, and a fully dynamic inventory system with equipment similar to MMORPGs. Am I keeping those elements for the final product? Who knows...


So you heard the story behind Duke Nukem Forever and their 20 years of delays and remakes. Yeah, I thought that was a brilliant fucking idea, so I'm doing the same thing. Expect my release to be sometime 2095. This is what My protagonist will look like later. Her sword will be replaced by a Nusa, a shinto purification tool that mikos have, also her red Hakamas (pants worn with Kimonos (see the thing I wrote about being a weaboo) ) will replace the more commonly used red skirt she has in the above screenshot. This because I find it adorable as fuck.


Alright, so the third screenshot is actually a prototype of a tile engine with rasterized graphics. Just a little something I used to get more into AS3 (although it's all about HTML5 or Unity nowadays.) Maybe I'll find some use for it later, or maybe Yomu-chan wants to use it in something one day.


How many of you have ever played Solomon's Key 2 (also known as Fire 'n Ice in America) for the NES? I really fucking loved that game as a kid, and I am (again) a huge weaboo faggot that likes to shove anything japanese into my pee hole, so I decided why not make a similar game, except featuring Cirno from Touhou Project? Here's a prototype without any of the fancy graphics yet. (except that fully animated, adorable little idiot fairy of course.)


So yeah, aside from all this shit I've also made some short animations that I can't really use for anything so, I guess you can also expect another of those "smelly/shitty/whatever stuff" animations eventually. This new one is going to be more funny, and better looking.

As for now, I'm going to go back to heavy drinking, and sneaking asian women into my student dorm that strictly forbids such acts. #fuckDaKeisatsukan #bitches-'n-hoes #do-hashtags-even-work-here?

Smell ya later!